Rainwater Goods

Rainwater Goods


Gutters and accessories

Permalite® offers a complete solution for your  project with a full selection of aluminium gutters and custom flashings all with a maximum length of 6.5m. Our range of gutters and flashings are manufactured from marine grade aluminium for outstanding durability in line with the roofing performance. In addition to our standard products, we are able to offer wide range of customised gutters and accessories to suit your requirements.

As you would expect we are able to provide a wide spectrum of accessories for gutters such as:

  • Stainless steel powder coated gutter brackets
  • Aluminium stop ends
  • Aluminium down pipe spigots or spouts
  • Aluminium 90 or 100mm tapered down pipes
  • Screws and rivet fixings
  • Neutral cure silicone

Half Round Gutters

We offer traditional half round gutters in standard 150mm and 200mm widths or in various custom widths, all with the full scope of accessories in our residential colour range. Permalite® are also able to offer flat back gutters and associated accessories if required. Min orders quantities and extended lead times may apply.

Quad 150 and Quad 175 Gutters

Available in 150mm and 175mm, our Quad gutters come in our standard residential colour palette.

‘M’ Style Gutter

Our 124mm wide M Style gutter comes with a concealed mill finish gutter bracket.

Fascia and Fascia Cover

Permalite® also offer marine grade aluminium fascias and fascia covers. Our quality fascia covers are an easy and inexpensive alternative to full fascia replacement. We can provide fascia covers to cover warped, discolored or peeling timber fascia, giving you a fresh look without having the expense of removing the old fascia board! This low maintenance fascia cover may be simply screw fixed to the existing timber fascia board.

Dimensions for the fascia cover are able to be customised to suit your project requirements. Customised internal and external corners are also available to simplify the installation process.

Flashings and Accessories

Our custom flashings in aluminium 5251 or 5052 H32 ensure the best finish to your project. In addition to the industry standard range of custom flashings, we also offer Gable roll and Rolltop ridges for the classic colonial finish to your Waveline® roof.

Please contact us for more information on the full extent of our rainwater goods and accessories.


Design of Drainage.

Roof drainage systems can be affected by a number of variables and must be designed and detailed by suitable qualified trade or professionals. The design of roof drainage aims to protect people, property and the building.

Rainwater System Design Recommendations

All Permalite® gutters are designed to be fixed with supports spaced at no more than 900mm intervals, including stop ends. All screw fasteners must be minimum 304ss with rivet fasteners being aluminium. Lap joints should have a minimum overlap of 25mm in the direction of water flow and be sealed and fastened.

The minimum gutter fall should be 1:200 for effective gutter operation and prevention of ponding. Gutter lengths should not exceed 12.0 meters, on site joints within this length should be as recommended. Bridge expansion gap with an aluminium saddle flashing should be fixed to one gutter only.

Maximum Lengths for drainage (m)

For the complete specification tables on maximum sheeting length for drainage by product, please refer to our Aluminium Roofing Solutions Manual.

Box Gutters

Box Gutters should be fabricated from aluminium sheet, preferably of alloy 5251 or 5052 and the next standard thickness to the thickness of the roof. I.e. 1.2mm thick box gutter for 0.9mm thick roof. The minimum aluminium thickness for box gutters is 0.9mm.


It is very important that flashings be made from materials that are compatible with the cladding. Flashings should conform to AS/NZS 2179.1:1994, and AS/NZS3500.3:2003.

We are able to supply flashings which are in line with the same metal specification as the roofing sheet. Where custom made flashings are required the metal should be to the following specification:

Alloy: 5251/5052 preferred, 5005 alternatively.
Temper: H32 or H34
Thickness: 0.90mm

50mm Gable roll – made from min 0.8mm marine grade aluminium and available as pre painted finish in lengths up to 3m.

Roll type ridge – made from min 0.8mm marine grade aluminium and available as pre painted finish in lengths up to 6m.

Permalite® can supply superior grade aluminium gutter, flashings, fascias and accessories for rainwater goods.

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