Permalite Waveline®


The classic Australian profile is used in traditional as well as modern applications. PERMALITE WAVELINE® is available in 2 widths. Traditional 762mm cover width and our 990mm cover width for greater fixing economy. These cover widths for PERMALITE WAVELINE®, provides a roofing sheet which can also be used effectively on walls.

  • Long lasting, durable, lightweight alternative to other cladding materials.
  • Can be used on walls.
  • A capillary drain in the rib overlap ensures weather security.
  • High relectivity and low emissivity values providing improved thermal performance.
  • Minimal maintenance to remain corrosion free.
  • The lighter mass of aluminium can provide a substantial reduction of the cost of transport to remote locations.


  • Galvanic corrosion may occur when aluminium, in the presence of water, is placed in contact with metals other than alloys of aluminium, non-magnetic stainless steel or zinc. Direct contact with zinc coated steel is not recommended in marine or industrial environments. See our Permalite® Aluminium Roofing Solutions Manual for more information.
  • If there are any doubts about the compatibility of other products being used, contact us.



Thickness Range Length Range Pan Cross Section Area Finishes Tolerances
0.70mm, 0.90mm 500mm through to 11 metres 8423mm2/metre sheet width Mill Finish Length +0mm, -15mm Width ±4mm


All PERMALITE® aluminium roofing profiles are manufactured entirely from marine grade aluminium alloy 5251 or 5052 produced by PERMALITE® to AS/NZS 1734:1997.  Alloy 5251/5052 are high strength marine grade alloys with exceptional resistance to corrosion in marine or industrial environments.

The profiles are available in three finishes:

  • Mill Finish – an unpainted smooth lustrous finish which will dull relatively quickly and enhances corrosion resistance.
  • Standard Finish – stucco embossed mill finish, which reduces the specular reflectance of mill finish sheet.
  • Painted Finish – a range of quality painted finishes are available.

PERMALITE®  roof and wall sheet may be supplied prepainted on one or both sides.

Aluminium provides a superior painting base for paint systems. Before roll forming, the paint is applied to the coiled sheet by reverse roller coating and heat curing on paint lines employing the latest painting technology.

Physical Properties

Thickness (mm) Cover Width (mm) Kg/m Length (Mill Finish) Kg/m2 Cover Width (Mill Finish)
0.70 *762 1.783 2.340
0.70 990 2.314 2.338
0.90 762 2.293 3.009
0.90 990 2.976 3.006

* 0.7mm x 762 Cover Width subject to availability and lead times.

Maximum lengths for drainage.

For the complete specification on maximum WAVELINE® sheeting length for drainage, please refer to our Aluminium Roofing Solutions Manual.


Permalite Waveline®

Download the Product Data Sheet for Permalite Waveline® here.


Permalite Aluminium Roofing Solutions
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Permalite Aluminium Residential Solutions
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Permalite Credentials
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Permalite Maintenance Requirements
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PERMALITE WAVELINE® is available nationally though minimum order quantities and freight charges apply.

Colour Range

PERMALITE® Colour Matches COLORBOND® steel
Glacier White™ Surfmist®
Endurogreen® Pale Eucalypt®
Sahara® Dune®
Gull Grey™ Shale Grey™
Slate Grey™ Woodland Grey®
Moonshadow® Windspray®
Obelisk Grey™ Monument®
Mill Finish – Unpainted
Stucco Embossed -Unpainted

Please note that Resiliant Red™, Eternal Blue™ and Perpetual Green® have been removed from our standard colour range. For any specific colour enquiries and lead times please contact 1300 850 389.

Please note: The PERMALITE® colours shown have been reproduced to represent actual product colours as accurately as possible. However, we recommend checking your chosen colour against an actual sample of the product before purchasing, as varying light conditions and limitations of the printing process affect colour tones.

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